How to Become a Quality Care Center

The WED Foundation launched the Quality Care Center (QCC) Program for Willis-Ekbom disease/restless legs syndrome (WED/RLS) in 2013 in order to improve the quality and accessibility of care for individuals with WED/RLS.

Quality Care Center Requirements

  • A Quality Care Center (QCC) is expected to be a recognized leader in providing comprehensive care for the WED/RLS community and to serve as a liaison to the individual's primary care provider.   Institutions that are granted QCC status are eligible to receive research grant awards restricted to this program.
  • The WED Foundation's Quality Institute, through WED/RLS QCC and other interested participants will identify standards of care, track patient outcomes using these standards, and share findings through meetings and publications.

Quality Care Center Benefits

  • Recognition as a specialty center (care provider) meeting the WED Foundation high standards of care
  • Promotion in WED Foundation publications, newsletters, website and social media outlets
  • Opportunities to network and share best practices with other WED/RLS QCC awardees
  • Unlimited Access to Foundation educational materials
  • Liaison with local WED Foundation support groups
  • Access, through a competitive Application process, to research grant funds

Application Process

The Quality Care Center Program, based on a center of excellence model, will certify individual healthcare providers in clinical settings as a recognized provider of high quality diagnosis and management of WED/RLS patients.

  • Complete the Application.  Download and complete the application form here.  Return form with an application fee of $500 to the address indicated on the application.
  • Review Process.  The completed application will be assigned to a member of the Foundation's Medical Advisory Board (MAB) for review.  Please allow 4-6 weeks for review, the MAB member may contact you directly for additional information or clarification.
  • Approval.  An application summary with recommendation for approval/disapproval will be forwarded to the Foundation Executive Director in a timely manner.  The Board of Directors will consider each application and make a final determination of approval.
  • Recertification.  A WED/RLS Quality Care Center certification remains active for three years from the date of certification.  Centers/individuals must reapply in a timely manner during year three in order to maintain an active certification status. 

The program is supported through application fees and individual donations.  Please consider giving a gift to the Quality Care Center Program to support the successful implementation of this innovative model.