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Member Benefits

As a member, you will receive:

  1. NightWalkers, our quarterly newsletter highlighting the latest research advances and treatments
  2. A copy of our current WED/RLS Medical Bulletin—the most comprehensive resource on WED/RL—to give to your healthcare provider
  3. A medical information card to carry in your wallet in the event of an emergency
  4. A WED/RLS awareness magnet
  5. Members-only discounts on products
  6. Access to restricted website section with NightWalkers archives and a special “ask the doctor” question link
  7. A Special Accommodations card for use when traveling
  8. The strength, knowledge and hope from working together with thousands of others who have WED/RLS

How do I gain access to the Members Only section?

1. First, you will need to become an online community member. It's free. Create an online account by clicking here. By creating an online community member account, you'll receive one free issue of our newsletter and receive our monthly Efriend newsletter. This will not give you access to the Members Only section of the newsletter, ask the doctor, ask the pharmacist and other member benefit pages. These pages are reserved for paying members. 

2. Second, you'll need to become a member of the Foundation (benefits listed below). The annual fee is $35 for U.S. and Canadians and $45 for all other countries. If you are unable to financially support the Foundation through membership, please email us at or call (507) 287-6465 for a scholarship (free membership). You can become a member by clicking here. Once your membership is activated and approved by the Foundation (may take up to 24 hours), you'll use your online community member user name and password to access this page by clicking here or the icon below.


Once you are logged in and have paid your membership dues (or have a scholarship), you will see the screen below and the options to this section will be to your left:

Members Only Section

  • Member Benefits
  • NightWalkers Archive (active members)
  • Member Publications (active members)
  • Webinars
  • Profile Update
  • Ask the Doctor (active members)
  • Brain Bank Program (active members and brain bank enrollees)
  • Board Page (current board members)
  • Volunteers (current support group leaders and contacts)

If you have not paid your annual dues, we invite you to join the Foundation and be part of finding a cure for WED/RLS. Your membership includes benefits such as a subscription to NightWalkers, our quarterly newsletter, access to the restricted Members Only section, and supports important research toward a cure. If you are unable to financially support the Foundation through membership, please email us at or call (507) 287-6465 for a scholarship (free membership). 

Reviews on the Foundation

To read other reviews or submit a review on the Foundation, please click here

I've had WED/RLS since I was a teenager.  I'm now 70 years old.  About 12 years ago I read about and joined a local WED/RLS Support Group.  About 4 years later I was asked by the group's leader to take over for her while she changed gears into the outreach aspect of WED/RLS.  I enjoyed lead the group because of the appreciation shown by fellow sufferers for the information and empathy I could provide.  I answer calls from desperate sufferers and those looking for relief for friends or family. I really appreciate the new format of the WED Foundation website.  Thanks and keep up the great work. ~ Al Ruff, South Puget Sound WED/RLS Support Group