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One of the best places to find help, support, and encouragement is on the WED Foundation's Discussion Board. This forum is moderated by volunteers.  Please be considerate toward others.

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Current topics on the discussion board include:

Pharmaceutical forum:
Published Research - Pharmaceutical

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In the Just Joined forum:
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In the General RLS/WED forum:
Published Research - General Sleep and WED (RLS)
Important Links
Getting Madder by the Minute
Who is your favorite doctor?

In the Special Populations forum:
Intravenous Iron Given prior to Pregnancy for Restless Legs
Ferritin Question

In the Relationships forum:
rls is a sad condition
Does your RLS increase with human contact?

In the Non-Pharmacuetical forum:
Poppy seed tea - incredibly effective for me
amino acids...
Sleep position
Latest on TENS Unit Use for Nighttime Symptoms
The Foot Massage Fix